Bush fire attack level (BAL)

What's Included in a Bushfire Assessment Report

A comprehensive bushfire assessment report consists of the following components:

  • Site and Development Proposal
  • A strategic analysis of existing bushfire hazards affecting the site
  • Evaluation of the distances, surrounding vegetation, and slope in relation to the development
  • Determination of necessary setbacks and the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Report
  • Assessment of bushfire protection measures aimed at minimizing the impact of bushfires on life and property

Post fire habitat restoration

Recovery post-bushfire centers around the restoration of vegetation to stabilize the soil and create conditions for other species to return. This can involve safeguarding natural regrowth through fencing to deter feral animals from damaging new growth. Additionally, it may entail the planting of new seeds or seedlings in regions adjacent to the fire-affected areas, enabling natural regeneration to take place within the burn zone.

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