Native forestry.

Nidus Environmental was involved in the design and establishment of a subtropical native timber plantation consisting of 4,000 trees. Our activities encompassed comprehensive research to select the most suitable tree species, site preparation which included clearing a decommissioned orchard that occupied the site, implementing cover cropping to mitigate erosion and manage weed growth, registering the plantation with the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) for future harvest considerations, and maintaining the forest through pruning to optimize timber production.

Dam rehabilitation

Nidus Environmental performed a comprehensive assessment of water parameters, which encompassed measuring dissolved oxygen levels, turbidity, pH, and E. coli levels. Our work involved managing algae growth by eliminating excessive nutrient accumulation and encouraging aerobic processes within the dam. Additionally, we engaged in planting native aquatic species along the dam bank, thereby bolstering oxygen levels and diminishing the potential for algae blooms.

Erosion mitigation and regeneration of Skinners Creek riparian zone.

Nidus Environmental embarked on the Skinners Creek project with the objective of minimizing riparian erosion. This endeavor involved a multifaceted approach, including the planting of indigenous vegetation, implementing cover cropping, erecting fencing, and addressing camphor laurel proliferation. In total, 5,000 native trees and grasses were planted along a 1-kilometer section of Skinners Creek.

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